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On China’s new space station, a robotic arm test paves way for future construction

A big robot arm on China’s spaceport station has effectively realized as well as steered a freight spacecraft in a crucial test ahead of upcoming component launches.

The 33-foot-long (10 meters) robot arm on the Tianhe component of China’s brand-new Tiangong spaceport station grabbed the Tianzhou 2 supply ship and also relocate around 20 levels, before returning it to the forward port on Tianhe’s docking center. A picture of China’s robot arm examination on the Tiangong spaceport station component Tianhe as it relocated the Tianzhou 2 freight ship on Jan. 5, 2022.

n Tianhe’s docking hub. 

An illustration of China's robotic arm test on the Tiangong space station module Tianhe as it moved the Tianzhou 2 cargo ship on Jan. 5, 2022.© Provided by Space An image of China’s robot arm examination on the Tiangong spaceport station component Tianhe as it relocated the Tianzhou 2 freight ship on Jan. 5, 2022.

The 47-minute procedure started at 5:12 p.m. EST on Wednesday, Jan. 5 (2212 UTC, 6:12 am Beijing time Jan. 6) to check the treatments and also tools required for the enhancement as well as activity of bigger spaceport station components. The effective test was essential to the China National Space Administration’s strategy to total building and construction of its spaceport station later on this year.

China’s following spaceport station components, called Mengtian as well as Wentian, are arranged to release on different Long March 5B rockets in the coming months and also dock with the orbiting Tianhe. The robot arm will certainly after be required to realize the components, each with a mass of greater than 44,100 extra pounds (20,000 kgs), and also steer them from the forward port to radial ports.

“This is an innovation in which we need to attain a development during developing the whole spaceport station,” Shi Jixin, replacement principal developer of the spaceport station at the Fifth Academy under the China Academy of Space Technology (CAST), informed CCTV.

Groups on the ground substitute the robot arm examination well before the Wednesday procedure. The robot arm crept to a berthing port near the Tianhe docking center 2 days before the examination. From this setting, it got hold of Tianzhou 2 by connecting to an adapter port on the freight spacecraft.

The robot arm has figured in spacewalks outside Tianhe, aiding to relocate fit astronauts around to execute their jobs. This was the initial time the arm has been made use of on a huge spacecraft.

The enhancement of 2 brand-new components will certainly finish China’s T-shaped, three-module Tiangong spaceport station. Mention and also Wentian are committed to holding a variety of scientific research experiments yet likewise consist of an airlock for extravehicular tasks, or spacewalks, as well as a smaller-sized robot arm.

Tianzhou 2 was released in May 2021 and also was the initial site visit to the newly-launched Tianhe component. It brought propellant for Tianhe as well as provided products, devices as well as experiments ahead of the Shenzhou 12 crewed goal, which ranged from June to September 2021.

It has stayed anchored to Tianhe to be made use of in examinations for relocating future spaceport station components. The freight spacecraft will certainly be deorbited as well as burn up on reentry as soon as after the examinations are full, bring with it lose product from Tianhe.

Presently, Tianhe has 3 spacecraft anchored at its ports. Along with Tianzhou 2, the Shenzhou 13 team pill is anchored at the low point port, suggesting it is directing down in the direction of Earth, while Tianzhou 3, which supplied products for the 3 Shenzhou 13 astronauts for their six-month-long goal, is anchored at the backport.

Shenzhou 13 is anticipated to run till March when astronauts Zhai Zhigang, Wang Yang as well as Ye Guangfu will certainly go back to Earth.

Tianzhou 4 will certainly after that release ahead of the Shenzhou 14 goal. That six-month-long crewed goal is anticipated to be aboard for the arrival of Mengtian and also Wentian later on in the year.

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