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Celebrity Dads Over 50 That Prove It’s Never Too Late To Have Kids

Due to their workload, filming schedule, and career growth, many celebrities simply don’t have enough time for a healthy, long-lasting relationship, not to mention raising kids. Therefore, such busy stars, especially the most wanted ones, tend to get married much later, and accordingly, their potential children are born when the dad looks more like a grandpa.

Here are 9 celebrity dads over 50 that prove it’s never too late to have kids.

1. Steve Martin

Steve Martin, known for such hits as Cheaper by the Dozen and Father of the Bride, became an actual father for the first time when he was 67 years old. His wife Anne Stringfield, who at that time was 41, gave birth to a lovely baby daughter, who remains Steve’s only child. He was afraid that fatherhood would have ruined his career.

2. Mel Gibson

Gibson may not have been a young’un when he became a father, but the actor has sired nine (!) children since then. His youngest son Lars Gerard was born in January 2017, when Mel turned 61. I’ll let you do the math.

3. Paul McCartney

The youngest daughter of the legendary British singer and his current wife Heather Mills was born in October 2003, when Paul McCartney was 61 years old. His loving wife gave him the best present ever; however, their marriage officially lasted for only four years after that. Something must have gone wrong.

4. Robert De Niro 

The famous Hollywood actor has five children of his own, as well as an adopted daughter. His youngest child was born when the good old daddy-o was 68 years old. I don’t think I’d be able to walk straight at that age, much less sire a kid.

5. Alec Baldwin

Alec Baldwin has been married to Hilary Thomas since 2012, and they’re a happy family of five children. Their eldest daughter was born when the actor turned 55; the youngest child — in 2018, when Baldwin was 60.

6. Michael Douglas

At 56, Michael Douglas had a son, and at 59, a daughter. With a wife like Catherine Zeta-Jones, he should’ve had at least 10 kids already. The actor only regrets that he did not pay enough attention to his eldest son Cameron.

7. George Clooney

Clooney was officially married for the first time at the age of 51, and when he hit 56, his wife Amanda gave him one of those “you have two kids now!” Hallmark cards. That’s the story of the famous womanizer becoming a father for the first time. (There was no card. Probably.)

8. Al Pacino

Al Pacino never complained about the absence of women in his life. Even though he was never officially married, he became a father to the adorable babies Anton James and Olivia Rose at the age of 61.

9. Bruce Willis

Bruce Willis’s youngest daughter was born when he was still bald and just hit 59. Since then, he’s worked his butt off, and today, the Hollywood tough guy has five beautiful daughters. His first wife, Demi Moore, became the mother of the eldest three girls, and his second wife, Emma Heming, gave birth to the two younger ones.

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